That’s All Folks… (for now)

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How many days I have been back from my trip… 18

How many hours I have worked since being back… 137 hours

It is hard to explain what it feels like being thrown head first back into life and reality since having the most amazing trip of my life. I completely missed blogging about being in Ireland and Mexico, probably because the week in each place was so fun; I didn’t want to be head down with my nose in my phone or iPad. Then being back at work has left me with tender feet and little time to write, however it has given me lots of time to think and reflect and talk to people about the things that made an impact or impression on me throughout my journey.

India wrapped up with me leaving Amritsar and heading to Dublin, Ireland. The plane ride this time was comfortable and the company was great. I was sad to leave India but happy at the same time cause my good friend Vicki was meeting me there and we were going to explore together. This was a special trip for Vicki because she has never been to Ireland, and has never really traveled alone for part of her journey. Once in Ireland Vicki and I explored Dublin, partook on the hop on/off bus– checking out local tourists’ spots like Kilmainham Gaol took in some local pubs, and laughed lots.

I was thrilled to see my Great Aunty Mary, who is a young and spry 95. I was lucky enough to have her escort me to mass just down the road from her and take part in some tea and sweets before departing.

We headed up to Armagh by train to meet my friend Sean, and ride in style in a travellers van  I was thrilled to see the Morrison family again.

Ma, Da: Thank you for letting two Canadian gals crash at your place, and making us feel at home, and welcome. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Catherine/Cormick and the boys (sweet as pie): I am so happy I got to meet the boys they are so sweet and wonderful, and for you two for all your laughs and friendship. I hope we get together again sooner than later.

Emma & the Duffy Clan: I cannot believe how big the kids have grown, and what a young lady Rebecca is turning into. – Thank you for the amazing bbq, and the attempt at fixing the holiday plug. The men’s efforts that day did not go unnoticed.

Paddy/Phillipa: So happy to see things are moving forward for you in life and I wish you two many years of happiness and endless love. Maybe see you at the wedding lol or Ill just send some yummy candies for the candy table.

And of course Sean/Teresa: So many thanks to for touring us around to the coast, to see the giants causeway, miles and miles of hikes (that almost killed us), and the bar hoping through Armagh. I truly miss you all already and wish we didn’t live so far away, you are all like family to me and I love ya to bits. Hope to see you soon either on this side of the pond, or yours.

I was thrilled to visit some of my Keelaghan relatives in Monahan Nulla and my Uncle Eamon, and Aunty Bernadette. The hospitality was wonderful (even if Vicki and I did drink all your beer lol)

So Ireland ended on a high note and I was off again heading back to Canada for a short stop over to unpack and repack to head to Cabo San Lucas for the wedding of two amazing people, Krystian and Kayla. 

Ending my adventure in Cabo was marvellous; it was so nice to be SPOILED! And have a comfortable bed, with all the food and drink a gal could ask for. Krystian and Kayla had an amazing group of people who all hoped on a plane and flew down to celebrate and take part in there amazing day. We all partied like we had known each other for years… The wedding was terrific, and everyone looked gorgeous in there gowns and the men looked extremely handsome sporting suspenders and the groom in his dress uniform. I wish you two all the love and happiness in the world, and thank you for sharing your beautiful special day with all of us.

Being back in Canada, for only three weeks now has been a tough adjustment. I have been tossed into work like I never even left, I am trying to find my routine again and it hasn’t been easy. I have been struggling with sleep and I know once I get that down the rest of my life will fall back into place. First step is back training in the gym, establish a better eating regime and visit and catch up with all you wonderful people.

Just to sum up my holiday I find it difficult to say what one specific highlight could be, since each place offered its own specific highlight. So I will go with that.

Goa: I spent a week in a beautiful jungle, learning to breathe, learning to sit still and quiet the mind. I met some strong women traveling solo, and learned a lot about being in the moment, being with myself and learn to do NOTHING -hard in a western lifestyle which I am sure most of you can relate to. When was the last time you sat for more than 15 min in silence, complete silence, (yes even quieting your mind). It was difficult, yet rewarding by the end of the week.

Kolkata: Actually taught me a few things, as it is one of India’s oldest and most populated cities. Although at first it was not my favorite, it started to grow on me. I met an amazing Aussie BRENDA , and we explored this city a bit just before Easter. I volunteered with Mother Theresa’s order, and was able to work with some of the most amazing kids. Although heart breaking at times, they taught me something about myself even in the short time I was with them. I feel like sometimes we like to say we are helping or accepting, but are we really? In our daily lives we must remember that one golden rule that applies to us all, and in all we do… Do to others, as you would have be done to you.

Varanasi: A very Holy and magical city (for me anyway). I stayed with a wonderful family in their home stay, and in this city despite the population I actually felt at home and safe. A morning boat ride down the Holy (very dirty, but Holy nonetheless) let me observe so many people making their way to the banks of the Ganges to bathe, collect water, and perform their morning rituals in this holy water. This city had so much history, so much faith and spirituality that it got me thinking about my faith, what I believe and how (if at all) do I want to express it.

Agra: was a quick in and out as time was running out and I felt cheated a little however when I saw the grand Taj Mahal through the arch ways I was thrilled, and in awe. This magnificent palace built in the name of love, was so extravagant, and breathtaking. And I got to see it… I was ecstatic.

Amritsar and the Golden Temple: I was lucky enough to meet up with my sisters’ friends’ parents, Mr. & Mrs. Mahli, we were able to share a few meals, a couple beers, and wonderful conversation for the few days I was there. Thanks again, Harvi, and Meg for helping us make the connection. The Golden Temple was another breathtaking Holy site, I was able to watch many followers dedicated to their faith and participate in rituals associated with that. There are four doors to get into the Temple, which symbolize the openness of the Sikhs towards all people and religions.

My trip is over and I am left with a sadness that it is over, but I am also left with this better sense of myself, a better sense of who and what I surround myself with. We don’t know what life has planned for us, but we can control what we do and who we surround ourselves with. We can put out good Karma into the world; and we can be good to ourselves and those around us. Thank you for those who followed me and sent me good vibes and those who sent me notes, those who encouraged and supported me I am grateful. To those I met along the way, thank you for the company and conversation. Until my next journey, whether it be short or long I look forward to continuing this sharing my perspective with you.

Now its time to organize and put together a beautiful photoalbum, and start dreaming of another adventure.

Mantra: Shanti Mantra
Om Saha Naavavatu
Saha Nau Bhunaktu
Saha Veeryam Karavaavahai
Tejasvi Aavadheetamastu Maa Vidvishaavahai Om

Translation: May the Lord protect and bless us. May he nourish us, giving us strength to work together for the good of humanity. May our learning be brilliant and purposeful. May we never turn against one another.