Founded in 1577 by the fourth Sikh guru, Ram Das, it is home to Sikhism’s holiest shrine, the Spectacular Golden Temple.

The Holy City of Amritsar….

The train ride to Amritsar was on time at least. My train into Agra managed to be 4hours late. I don’t understand, but apparently this is a normal thing in India. I was in a top bunk this time in 3AC which was nice in a way because people didn’t bump into you and you were more or less succeeded in your own little space. However you need to be an acrobat to get into and out of your bed. Nevertheless, I had a great sleep, and woke up ready to face Amritsar. My recommendation for anyone is 1AC, its roomy, cleaner, and usually quieter.

Train station was less crowded then the other ones Ive been too, and it was relatively easy to get a taxi, and thank goodness he spoke english and knew exactly where my hotel was. Along the way he tried to get me to change hotels, cause the one I was at was very far away, and not for tourists. I explained I had people waiting for me there so continue on. Im sure he was mad he wasn’t getting a commission but that is not my problem.

Big thanks to my Sister and her friend Harvi, who got me in touch with his parents who where in Amritsar. We had a lovely time and shared two great evenings.

My first night in Amritsar I checked out that border crossing ceremony, which was the strangest thing I have every seen. We were separated by genders and I guess I was supposed sit in a VIP/Foriengers section but I guess I missed that sign. Anyway, it was like a bollywood Flashdance, with a Dj, and loud music and tones of people dancing and running around with the India Flag.

The next day i toured the Golden Temple which was spectacular. It was magnificent to see in person and see all the devout people participating in prayer and ceremony. The Temple itself is of Hindu and Islamic styles of architecture, and the golden dome represented and inverted lotus flower, a symbol of Sikh devotees aim to live a pure life. Also in the square is a tree that id completely dead, however it continues to produce leaves and fruit, the tree is supported by steal cables and beams.

Also checked out the Jallianwala Bagh site where a massacre occurred on April 13, 1919. 5000 Indians were holding a peaceful demonstration and Brigadier-General Reginald Dyer returned to the city and with 150 troops opened fire on the crowd killing more than 400 people and another 1500 wounded. This area is surrounded with high walls, and only one exit, there was no where out for these people during the shooting. The site is nicely kept, and has some nice memorials for the people that died. This site left me with a heavy heard as we left, I kept imagining what it would of been like to be trapped like rats within the high walls, and panic and mayhem all around you…..

Amritsar was a nice place and although busy (like most of India) it was a lovely way to spend the remainder of my time in India . Mr. &Mrs. Mahli were amazing and were terrific to spend some time with chatting and sharing a meal. Thank you!

Well that is India in a nutshell, I will sum out the whole trip when I am completely finished my journey. But I have to say I loved India and am so happy I went and experienced all that I have. India is not for everyone that is for sure, and you need to be able to step out of your comfort zone and just be in the moment, because India will eat people alive and spit them out if they allow it to.

Off to Ireland (well I am actually in Ireland now, and writing this a bit late).

Peace and Love






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