To Kolkata and Beyond…..


The week here at SWAN has wrapped up and although I am excited to continue on I am also sad to leave as this place is exactly what I needed, and I feel like another week could be very beneficial. But I must move on and explore, I will return to SWAN sooner than later to take in all the full benefits that this place has to offer.

On a side note (and I am not complaining, just making a point) but who knew someone who you could break a sweat while getting dressed?? lol

(April 9 2014) Just as a note I am grateful for my buddy Preben who gave me a rope and taught me how to tie knots and hang the rope as a clothes line it has been an extremely great asset, since by the time I have gone to bed I may have showered 2-3 times some days…I have been able to wash my undergarments regularly to keep things fresh and just hang my day to day clothes to dry out from the sweat…. a MUST have for any travellers whether to a hot or cold climates you will eventually want to hang some thing… 🙂

I have met some wonderful souls here and had some very meaningful conversations. I have done some thinking and realized more what is and is not truly important. I will continue to surround myself with positive WHY? because that is what makes life much more grand. Life here is hard, and we back home take things for granted. We must be kind to each other, and those we meet in passing. Ive learned about discipline and meditation, Ive learned about my body, and my mind and started to work towards how to connect the two better. This is a place I want to come back to very soon.

April 12, 2013

Thank you SWAN; Swami G, Dyaha and all the staff for making this stay beautiful. Thanks to my new Swedish friend Madeline for taking adventures with me and being such a kind soul. I wish you all the best and I hope one day we reconnect either in Sweden or Canada. And to Rosa, you are such a smart and intelligent woman I hope that your journeys keeps challenging you and giving you what you need to continue to fulfill your life, I look forward to chatting again and maybe sharing a chai, or navigating another foreign city with you one day 🙂 “HARI OM”

On the way to the airport in GOA…

OH MY GOD the driving in this country is INSANE!!! and I know I haven’t even it the busy part…. Close your eyes and picture a single lane highway…. double solid line (no passing right?? WRONG!) picture a motorcycle… a car, and a mini bus (in one lane all trying to pass) then the exact same thing on the other side… its like playing chicken…. I seriously might need some Ativan when I hire a car…. it is heart stopping (and everyone is speeding trying to out race each other… YIKES) Francis my taxi driver got me here safe and sound but I swear my heart stopped a few times.

So… can I just say something…. manners in India… NONE EXISTENT especially when your a women… I have asserted myself here a few times already telling vendors and such that I am not interested and so on… but when checking into SpiceJet to head to Kolkata this Indian man just walks right in front of me and was going to check in a head of me… I literally pushed him out of the way and said “no I was here first” he just moved on like nothing. But COME ON! lol Im excited to see how I react in a busy train station… look out international incident lol (keep posted to BBC and send bail money c/o My sister or Bobbie MacNeil…. they are in charge of busting me out!!!! )

Being a women in this country (a tourist women/single) is TOUGH… you have at any given time 40 pairs of eyes staring at you… looking you up and down… laughing… smiling… or whatever…. In some cases I have just learned to smile back… or just ignore what is happening unless they invade my personal space (again send bail money to Bobbi) lol

FYI (Dan Kay) lol Kingfisher STRONG (beer) tastes like a vodka bomb in my beer… dont think I forgot. :p

Something else I learned in India…. The head-bob… mmm usually means I have absolutely no idea what I am talking about maybe… maybe yes maybe no… NEVER TRUST THE HEAD BOB lol

Peace and Love friends & family I truly love and miss all of you. I hope these “stories” give you a picture of what is happening on this side of the world. Please if you have questions or comments Id love to hear them. Its nice sometimes when traveling and WIFI kicks in for a second to have a few messages.

Either leave them here on the blog or email me ( for you Iphone users and that have my number feel free to text… FREE 🙂 Thank you Setve Jobs for Imessage.


Lindsay K





2 thoughts on “To Kolkata and Beyond…..

  1. Wow!..This sounds fascinating Lindsay! Really fun to read. Glad all is well and look forward to more!
    Take good care..


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    Correctional Program Officer
    Edmonton Institution For Women/ Etablissement d’edmonton pour femmes
    11151 178th Street, Edmonton, Alberta
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    Fax: 780 495 2266
    Government of Canada | Gouvernement du Canada
    Correctional Service Canada | Service correctionnel du Canada

  2. hi Linds,
    so happy to read about your adventures, both peaceful and harrowing- i think it’s good you did the retreat first, to give you strength for some of the rest!
    The pictures are gorgeous, and i’m glad that the one of the jail was taken from the outside!
    I have a sign on my desk that i think you may really come to understand during your stay there: “Peace does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work; it means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart”
    Well, i’ll be waiting eagerly to hear about the rest of your journey,
    stay safe and strong,
    auntie cathy

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