Thank you!

Diary of a Solo Traveler…

Talking with people about this trip has brought up some feelings, both of excitement and nervousness, and a little apprehension. Comments I hear; “why on earth would you pick India?”, “I would NEVER do that!!”, “it’s a little rapey (sp) don’t you think?”, “aren’t you scared?”, “good for you, you are brave”… and the comments go on.
Sometimes I wonder if I am doing the right thing; I mean India is so far away, so populated, so unknown to me. Then there are times when I am looking at pictures, reading blogs, or talking to people who genuinely are excited for me and encourage me to go forward with the journey… and I know that this is going to be a blast.
The people at work have been part of some very hilarious conversations about this trip (you know who you are) J I have laughed so hard it has brought me to tears and have given me ridiculous visions in my head. I will take these conversations and cherish them along my journey and when things get a little intense I will remember them, and those people involved and I know it will help get through any difficulties I might have.
I truly work with some amazing and supportive people, and I am grateful to have a career that allows me the opportunity to travel and follow my dreams without causing hardship within my life. I am truly blessed to have an amazing and supportive family that encourages me to dream big and do what makes me happy.
I still wish that the original plan of my friend and I traveling together would have worked out. I think it would be nice to share this trip with someone, have someone there when nerves kick in, or god forbid you get sick. I’ve decided not to dwell on the disappointment I feel about this however as time goes on that hurt feeling will fade and the memories of a terrific trip will take its place.
So maybe we our paths will cross, even for a short time in the Ashram that we both thought would be a nice way to begin this journey.
However, until then I guess the universe has a reason for things turning out the way they do, and making you do the things you need to do to fulfill your journey in your life.
So with the advice of some fellow travelers the visa is on hold until the New Year as it has a time limit from the date of issue not the date of entry… so I will tackle that after the holidays. In the mean time, I will keep planning and dreaming. I will use those apprehensive feelings and channel them into making this the best trip I can.
I have to also say thank you to the World Wide Web and the vast amount of knowledgeable people out there, it has been a blessing to toss ideas off people, get advice and so on. Thank You!
Here is a taste of the itinerary that I have been working on, obviously it is a work in progress and nothing is set in stone, but the idea is there.



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