The Journey is only beginning…



Well, plans are quickly evolving and starting to take place. When I first began dreaming of going to India it was a dream I wanted to complete with someone who also shared in my love of adventure and travel. I hope to use this blog to help myself remember and to allow my friend and family to follow me through this journey of discover and adventure. I have talked so much about this journey I am going on and I am ecstatic to share it with you all… xoxo

My sister and I talked about going to India as a ‘sister’ journey, however due to our own life situations it did not materialize. As time went on plans were then made with a good friend, who also shares the love of travel and adventure… due to situations in her life she has expressed that she probably won’t make the trip to India with me, however still might go at an earlier time.

With what most people would take as sign(s) not to complete this journey it has made me even more determined to continue to plan, and complete this what may be a once in a life time adventure solo.

Of course my brain is in over load and running through every terrible, tragic, terrifying event that is ‘probably’ (not) going to happen…. but my heart says it is going to be the most meaningful, spiritual, and rewarding adventure, that up until this point in my life I will have experienced. The experiences I will take away from this adventure will be with me for the rest of my life, and because of this feeling I have chosen to go with my instinct and take on this adventure with all that I have.

I have traveled solo before and figure this time I am more mature in myself, more knowledgeable of the world and what it has to offer, and I feel that I am more open to what may or may not cross my path in ways of struggles/complications or excitement and new friends.

So far with the planning of this journey I have learned to trust my gut, and intuition and in learning this I know it will help me overcome the obstacles I may face during this journey…

Now let’s get this Indian Visa sorted (the website is giving me some issues ugh) and then it will begin to feel more real.



“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” – Lao Tz